Disboard Scraper gives you an opportunity to scrape URLs of different public Discord servers based on their tags from the Disboard website.
Therefore, you find and connect with different communities based on your interests.

Simple – yet useful, Disboard Scraper offers you three features:

* Scraping method
Based on custom tag.

* Number of pages to search for communities
Stop at a certain page.

* Optional HTTPs proxy support

You can use these features as an advantage to quickly get a list of Discord servers’ join URLs, without getting your IP temporarily banned from the Disboard website.

How to use:

Start by configuring the software’s options.
This includes previously mentioned scraping methods and the number of pages to search for Discord servers.
If you want to use proxies, proceed by clicking on the Load proxies button and load your HTTPs proxy list.
If you prefer scraping with your own IP, simply skip this step.

Lastly, click the Start button and the software will do the rest.
You can save the list of scraped Discord servers’ join URLs at any time by clicking the Save button.
Results will be saved in a form of a text file, containing Discord communities’ join URLs on each line.

[Image: wknr9HG.png]

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I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.