Cracking Essentials Tools Pack vol.2

Combo Cleaner by 3ndS 2.7
Combo Converter
Combo Editor by xRisky v1.0
combolist generator BY X-KILLER

Openbullet 1.4.4 Anomaly Mod
2300+ Configs

Proxy Buddy v1.5 Cracked by PC-RET
Proxy Checker by JeffTheKiddo
vProxy v1.4 by Yani
Gather Proxy v8.9 Cracked by 3DSBOY08
Proxy Checker v0.2 by X-SLAYER
Red Proxy Checker
μProxy Tool v1.81
Proxy Checker v1 by WolfCrawler
ProxyFire Master Suite Professional 1.25
Proxy Grabber by Mathian

Deluxe RDP Cracker
RDP xTSCcrack Cracker 0.9

Ashiyane SQL Scanner v1.2.0
Injection Framework - Automatized Sql Injection Tool
SQL Exploiter Pro v2.10
SQL Helper
SQLi Dumper v.9.7.0 [Cracked By PC-RET]
SQLi Dumper v.9.8.2
SQLI Helper V.2.5
SQLI-Hunter v1.1
SQLI-Hunter v1.2
Warbot Versao SQL Tool v1.0 Alpha Build 6
xSQL SCanner

[Image: QcpTtBm.png]

[Image: wF97Tdy.png]

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I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.

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