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GameMaker Studio 2.3 Crack NEW
GMS Versions:
(ALL Made by me)

   All the information about the crack can be found in the README file.

Features of the crack:
* No need to create or login to an account! That means you can have GameMaker for as long as you want.
* You can create final executables.
* You can build your game with the higher-performance YoYo Compiler ("YYC").
* You will have the Ultimate license.
* You can build and export your game to every module available for GameMaker(Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Windows UWP, HTML5, Android, Amazon Fire, iOS, tvOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch).

The README includes:
* Both visual and written tutorials about how to crack the program (Difficulty level: EASY).
* Help section with a lot of solutions to problems people had in my previous GMS2 cracks.
* I documented all the changes I did to the program's files to crack it in the README file. So you can crack the program yourself if you don't trust my files.
* Download links to the crack.

After all, this is still a crack, using this is at your own risk.
* If you find any issues with the crack please let me know. How to contact me is in the README file.
* Bug: Doesn't work offline, will be fixed one day.

README file (contains the download link for the crack):

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Additional Information:

VirusTotal (
IDE.dll -
CorePlugins.dll -
GMAssetCompiler.exe -
Igor.exe -
Cracker.bat -
it's a false positive! Most are edited files of the program... More details in the README file!

Crack's versions history (LEGACY):
History will not be updated here anymore. The most up-to-date version of the crack's history and code is in the README. (21-08-2020) - Bug fix and self-credit. (19-08-2020) - Initial release.
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Thanks for your work^^
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