- Ban Appeal Format
#1 - Ban Appeal Format

Note: Remember, this is a Ban Appeal and not an Unban Request, therefore put the time and effort into creating your appeal. It is up to our discretion to lift any bans.


- Do not use profanity. Any use of profanity will lead to a straight lock.
- Insulting, trolling or being abusive is not allowed.
- Ban evasion is not allowed. Your account is your responsibility.  If it gets accessed by anyone or for any reason, is compromised, it means you are the one responsible for it and not us. Excuses such as "my dog did it" or "my brother did it" are not acceptable, your ACCOUNT is your responsibility.
- Be truthful and honest, and answer every question to the best of your knowledge.
- Do not ask for an admin to review your appeal otherwise it will be denied without question!


Profile Link:
Protection System or admin ban?:  (Make sure to tag the person that banned you with a @USERNAME)
Why did you get banned:
Why do you think we should unban you:
Other comments:
Please read the Community Rules
Leeching will get you banned. What is leeching? 

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