General Application Guidelines

Before submitting an application you are expected to meet all of the required expectations. Failure to read and comply with this will result in an instant denial. If accepted you will receive the trial moderator rank, and after the trial period is over you will be the moderator. You should not expect a higher rank.

Requirements :

  1. Staff are required to have Discord for offline communication.
  2. You have a working mic.
Prerequisites :

  1. The minimum age to apply is 18 [No exceptions]
  2. Must be spoken in English or french
  3. Preferably have some experience
  4. Must understand forum rules
  5. An application must display good writing
  6. Must have minimal punishments

Possible rejection reasons :

  1. You do not meet expected requirements
  2. Asking members to +rep your account
  3. The application lacks detail and effort
  4. Application has been denied due to toxicity/immaturity
  5. We do not believe you would be a good addition to the team
  6. You were deceptive in your application
Mod Application Format - Copy this format and send me a Private Message on forum, Click here :

How would you define your confidence when speaking to people you don't know?:
Other than English, what languages are you fluent in?:
How much time (on average) can you dedicate to surfing the internet a day?:
Why do you want to be a staff member?:
Other comments? :
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