Today I will show u how to rat anyone without port forwarding router!

So first of all what is a RAT? (not that one in ur house)
remote access Trojan (RAT) is a malware program that includes a back door for administrative control over the target computer. RATs are usually downloaded invisibly with a user-requested program such as a game
- Wikipedia

How to start?
So first of all if u want start ratting without port-forward u will have to download NGROK

What is NGROK?
Ngrok is multiplatform tunneling, reverse proxy software that establishes secure tunnels from a public endpoint such as internet to a locally running network service while capturing all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.
Q: Is ngrok legal?
A: Yes
Q: Is ngrok virus?
A: No


Selecting RAT
So first of all DONT DOWNLOAD RATS FROM YOUTUBE/RANDOM SITES!!!!!. I will show u some legit RATs without virus or any shit (This is my opinion what are the best right now)
1. AsyncRAT - Best RAT at the moment. Made by NYAN-CAT (trusted developer) Its open source. And the last update was 10 May. There's an official link to Github where u can download compiled version (not ratted) https://github.com/NYAN-x-CAT/AsyncRAT-C-Sharp
2. QuasarRAT - Similiar to AsyncRat. Open-Source, Last update 5 Jun. Link to official Github where u can of course download non-ratted version https://github.com/quasar/Quasar
3. NanoCore - The most known RAT tool and best to this day. The problem with this RAT is that 1. Its unstable 2.Its old 3. Many versions are ratted and there's not even a single one without the rat. I would provide a link to pretty clean version but I don't wanna risk u being ratted

Port-Forwarding setup
1. Register on NGROK official site - ngrok.com (u can enter any email even random it will not ask u for activation)
2. Download ngrok for windows
3. Put it on desktop or where u want
4. Open CMD in that folder where u have ngrok.exe
5. Put ur authtoken in cmd so the command should look like this - ngrok.exe authtoken "Your authtoken random numbers/letters"
6. Now u will type this to port forward - ngrok.exe tcp "Any port u want for ex: 27641/7464" -region "Any region that u want for ex u live in EU u will type this "-region eu"
7. Now it should look like this

View: https://imgur.com/a/wkRgy8P

8. Wow, u made it!
TIP: Run Ngrok in the background while setting RAT ITS IMPORTANT

RAT Setup
So i will show u AsyncRAT because its the best for me right now
1. Launch AsyncRAT (wow)
2. There should be some certificate thing so u just click okay
3. Now u got this

View: https://imgur.com/a/XxtyMmb

4. Type port that u wanted to port-forward for me it is this

View: https://imgur.com/WZvQFUf

View: https://imgur.com/7pinLdJ

5. Now click "Start AsyncRAT"
RAT-Client setup
So now u have a server (GUI) now it's time to setup RAT virus!
1. Press Mouse2/Right click on white background in AsyncRAT https://imgur.com/m1iTkRE
2. Now u will click on "BUILDER"
3. And now u got this https://imgur.com/HDOJHx1
4. Now u will have to open ngrok window and copy this https://imgur.com/ONxEOpl CLICK "+" WHEN U ENTER UR NGROK ADRESS
5. Now u can customize it as how u want
6. Now when u customized it u will go to "Build" and click "Build" it will ask where to build it PUT IT ON THAT LOCATION WHERE U HAVE ANTIVIRUS EXCLUSIONS

Now send to ur retarded roblox trans boyfriend and enjoy

How to not get ratted?
1. Don't be a retard
2. Don't download "crack" from any website except cracked.to
3. Get some good antivirus (bypassing defender is easy afff)
4. Common sense
5. Brain