Small deals. Big deals. And everything in-between. Start to finish with high detail.
For new & experienced investors looking for a fresh perspective to make $.

The knowledge is vast, keep learning and keep sharing the resources you find which will help others.So,

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use this guide if u have
Have ZERO Investing Experience.
Have SOME Investing Experience.
You’re Looking for Passive Income and Cashflow.
You’re Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.
You’re Hunting for Deals (Including wholesaling topics!).
You’re Licensed OR NOT.
You Speak English (Useful Globally / Internationally).

or you are
A Brand-New Investor ($0 Net Worth) – Step-by-step guide.
A Somewhat Experienced Investor ($25,000-250,000 Net Worth
An Experienced Investor ($250,000+ Net Worth).
ALSO extremely useful for: Agents, brokers, lenders, CPAs, & industry members (clients expect you know this; why not make it easy for you to make sure you follow

Learn how to build your net worth INSTANTLY with Wedge Deals.

Learn how to build your cashflow and passive income.

Learn the psychology of the investing in real estate and mastering deals.

Learn how to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders to get the best DEALs and make them smooth.

Understand not just the textbook fundamentals of how to calculate cashflow, but how to actually FIND cashflow and what it means to you – look at real estate from a different perspective.

This is much more than an overview of real estate investing. It’s a way to change your mindset and let you become a life-style real estate investor.
When you master this lifestyle, passive income and any of your visions will be significantly easier to attain.

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