This OB2 has a lot of new features but I’m not going to tell about those features in this post as I haven’t tested this tool yet. But I think most features are the same.
Personally, I don’t like the localhost thing but it’s kind of necessary so that it can be run on all types of systems like Windows, Linux, or Mac.
You must install and download the asp.net core runtime. You can find instructions on how to install it on your system at the link provided.
When you’re done, you can test if it got installed properly by opening a command prompt and typing "dotnet --version", which should output a version number like 5.0 or above.

Navigate to the folder where the file OpenBullet2.dll is located (the one you just unzipped) and launch it by using the following command:
"dotnet ./OpenBullet2.dll"
If you’re on Windows, you can double click on OpenBullet2.exe instead to achieve the same result.
You should now be able to navigate to http://localhost:5000 on your browser in order to see the OpenBullet 2 setup screen.

[Image: eAoCkqN.png]

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I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.