(03-05-2021, 06:09 PM)Alioxa Wrote:

this ahk aimbot works for thermal and without
there are 2 scripts in the folder u can read which ones for thermal and which is not
to use this u need to run cod bocw in 1920x1080 borderless
u have to have AutoHotkey installed search up google if u have a brain
u right click the file and press compile
you will get an exe u run the game first after that in lobby or in game u start the script the thermal is kinda obvious if you want to turn it down u have to press ctrl + f and search for "loop, 50" and then change the 50 to 10. there are 2 of these
then if you want to make it even less obvious you have to change CFovY and CFovY to a smaller number I recommend using 100 for X and 50 for Y if you want to use anything else just take a number let's say 500 and divide it by 2.
then if you want to make it even less obvious u have to change all of "DirX := 1"
if it has a minus don't touch the minus just change the number I recommend .8
now the normal version is not fully stable you will definitely lock on red shit
cause the thing I'm using is the health bar and then making the aim go down to the head same thing with if you want to make it less obvious use the things I mentioned above. but leave the CFovY alone cause 20 is the perfect X you can change if you want. if you use it with too obvious settings you will definitely be banned by little kids that spent 60 euros of they're mommy's money to prone and not move "reports" for short anyway Enjoy!

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