[Release] CoD Modern Warfare ESP and Aimbot Source Code (Rust) [1 September 2020]
[Release] CoD Modern Warfare ESP and Aimbot Source Code (Rust) [1 September 2020]

The tool developer:

 I've been working on my modern warfare cheat for the past couple months, and I decided to release it. I'm reading memory through a linux KVM and I wrote a custom overlay for looking-glass. I don't really expect anyone to try to recreate my setup, so this might be useful as a refrence for other developers. The way I made my memory library abstracts away the memory and overlay implentation so if you know rust and have a driver and an overlay, you can implement your driver with the ProcessHandleInterface in memlib-rs/memory/mod.rs and implement OverlayInterface in memlib-rs/overlay/mod.rs. If you do this you should have a fully working cheat. I might do this myself in the future if I get tired of low frames and rebooting every time I want to play cod. If you want to go thorugh the hassle of setting up a KVM on linux the aimbot should work but not the overlay as I haven't publicised my custom looking-glass overlay. I use this cheat pretty regularly, so I'll push the new updates whenever I make them.

Download Link:

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