[Release] Internal/External Hack (Glow,Aim,Skin/Knife changer)) [December 1, 2020]

Feature List:
  • GlowEsp
  • Triggerbot (delay before shoot)
  • Aimbot (fov smooth)
  • Skinchanger (skins and knife)
  • Bhop
  • Recoil crosshair
  • c4 info (bomb timer and lethal damage warning, doesnt work in fullscreen!)
  • Lagswitch
  • noflash
  • sv_cheats 1 spoof (might not safe)

How to install:

Move "Medicore" folder into your C:/ harddrive. The path to the Offsets file needs to be "C:\Mediocre".
If you insert "C:\Mediocre" into your windows explorer and the folder where you land does not have the Offsets file the cheat wont work.

Best Extreme injector settings:

[Image: brPVd0M.jpeg]

How to use:

Inject the dll ("mediocre.dll" located inside binary folder) in any 32 bit proccess (Except steam and csgo that might get you banned). Then start csgo.
You can navige through the gui using you arrow keys on your keyboard. They key insert will hide the window or show it again. To change the skins you need to edit the skins.ini located where you offset file is.
You can then press "Delete" (the key under insert) to reload the skins.ini file.

Skins IDS List

How to update:

When csgo updates you will need to update the "Offsets.ini" . To do this go to https://github.com/frk1/hazedumper/b...ster/csgo.toml (Hazedumper) and paste the text into your "Offsets.ini"


[Image: Ww6pe3z.png]

Download Link:

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