Source Code | OP Batch File Obfuscator |
Found this Obfuscator on github made some changes. 
It is a simple batch file Obfuscator written in hope it can be use for you Smile
[Image: xRGSxeQ.png]
Make your batch code totally unreadable in text editors like this:
[Image: 4lcnLm7.png]

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(06-12-2020, 02:57 AM)XDWOLF Wrote:
(06-11-2020, 09:48 PM)Mern Wrote: At least give credit to the original guy who made it smh
I found it on github not YT i did say i found it there  Cool
oh mb lol
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This is SO COOL!!!!!!! TYSM <33333
What's this? Oh yea right signature right.

I sell sellers... wait what... right yea if you want something I can probably find a seller for that so just slide into my pm's and we can get to talking : )
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