PUBG External & Internal Decrypt (Xenuine)

C++ Pseudo Code:

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How To Use

BYTE xenuine_decrypt_[0x1000];
BYTE temps[0x1000];
DWORD64 xenuine_start;

__int64 Xenuine_Decrypt(__int64 seed, __int64 value) {
    DWORD64 result;

    const BYTE* xenuine_decrypt = xenuine_decrypt_ + 0x7;
    __asm {
        mov rcx, [seed]
        mov rdx, [value]
        mov rax, [xenuine_start]
        mov[result], rax
    return result;

void InitDecrypt(){
    DWORD dwOld;
    VirtualProtect(xenuine_decrypt_, 0x1000, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE, &dwOld);
    VirtualProtect(temps, 0x1000, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE, &dwOld);
    DWORD64 DecAddr;
    DecAddr = READ_64(BASE + 0x585CD28); //this is from my old external source, you have to patch it.

    READ_1000(DecAddr, xenuine_decrypt_);

    xenuine_start = *(PDWORD)(xenuine_decrypt_ + 0x3) + DecAddr + 0x7;
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