[UNDETECTED] Aim Assistant [11th September 2020]
[UNDETECTED] Aim Assistant 11th September 2020

You can't change your aim type while the game is active. Aim type is one of the ways the game separates players. This let's you switch aim types on the fly.

If you're on Assisted Aim and want to join a Free Aim lobby or Job, change it before then switch session or answer an invite. If you're in a Free Aim job/lobby and want to use Assisted Aim change it after you are joined to the new session.

This is really simple but none of the external menus do it. So, this is external.

How to Use it: 

  • AltGr + A for Assisted Aim.
  • AltGr + F for Free Aim.
  • AltGr is Control + Alt on USA keyboards. Sorry USAins, three finger hotkey for you.

Download Link: 

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