[UNDETECTED] Bread (stat editor, basic unlocks) [17th December 2020]
[UNDETECTED] Bread (stat editor, basic unlocks) [17th December 2020]


  • Set Ballistic Equipment Request Value (you can get rid of money using this).
  • Rig Slot Machines.
  • Reset Rig Slot Machines Limit (one time and always).
  • Level Changer.
  • Packed Bools (all of them).
  • Unlocks (Bools, Ints, Character Stats, Modded Run, Shotaro, Cayo Perico Heist, Diamond Casino Heist, Bunker Research).
  • Clear Wanted Level.
  • Stop Cutscene.
  • Go Into Personal Vehicle.
  • A not well-made stat loader/editor (made it in 30minutes, pls don't say that it sucks I KNOW).

[Image: Pf5jzFn.png]

[Image: eU1RP5g.png]
[Image: 7panFTK.png]

If it crashes is because your CPU does not support AVX2, I can't do anything about it. Go ahead and buy a new PC or ask a friend who has a newer PC to use for you.

How to use:

inject the DLL (Bread.dll) using PH2, Xenos or ScyllaInject into "GTA5.exe", go back to the game and press INSERT to open the gui.

make sure your CPU supports AVX2.
stats are located in AppData/Roaming/BigBaseV2/stat_editor.json.

Download Link:

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