Award Name Description
Weed'em Weed'em Weed enthusiasts and alike
Snail Snail That person who always spends 10 years answering "k"
Bug Bug For finding and reporting multiple bugs
Dove Dove Reported many leeching people, protecting
Colorful Colorful Given to the energetic and happy people of
Artist Artist i don't have a description for this, lol
Staff Team Staff Team You need to be lucky enough to get this award.
Bright Light Bright Light Given to anyone with more than five accepted suggestions
You're cool You're cool I mean you're kinda dope.
Security Expert Security Expert Every expert wears identification.

Award Name Description
VIP VIP badge
UPGRADES GOD UPGRADES GOD You will recieve this badge by upgrading another member Account.

Award Name Description
50 Posts 50 Posts Create more than 50 posts
100 Posts 100 Posts Create more than 100 posts
1000 Posts 1000 Posts Create more than 1000 posts
10 Threads 10 Threads Create more than 10 thread
50 Threads 50 Threads Create more than 50 threads
100 Threads 100 Threads Create more than 100 threads
Porn Master Porn Master Obtained for users who make lots of threads about porn content
Account Cracker Account Cracker Obtained for users who make lots of threads about leaking tool or checker

Award Name Description
Swimming in credits Swimming in credits Available for purchase for 5k in the credit store.
Golden Coin Golden Coin Available for purchase for 1k in the credit store.
500 Credits 500 Credits Have more than 500 credits
750 Credits 750 Credits Have more than 750 Credits
1000 Credits 1000 Credits Have more than 1000 Credits
2000 Credits 2000 Credits Have more than 2000 Credits

Buy awards
Award Name Description
Bitcoin Bitcoin
pumpkin pumpkin
Hanf Hanf
Diamond Diamond

Award Name Description
King King
Heart only the owner can give you this award.

User Owned
Award Name Description
No awards were found.